Saturday, January 1, 2011

What we missed during our Cavs United Hiatus.. Happy New Year Cavs Fans

We took a little bit of a break, but we're back.

The Cavaliers are in the midst of another significant losing streak, and officially ended the month of December with 1 win.  We've lost 14 of 15, and there's not a whole lot to cheer for as we lose to the likes of Charlotte, Minnesota, Sacramento, Detroit, and Philadelphia to name a few.

The franchise that won 66 games last year is now 8-24 on the season, on pace for close to a 20 win season.  Yikes. 

As Antawn Jamison put it, everyone in Cleveland can now put 2010 behind us and focus on the New Year.  2010 might prove to have been the most destructive, tumultuous year in the history of the franchise.  Our best shot at a championship disappeared overnight, and effectively ended the LeBron James era. 

That's not to say we haven't had some great moments this season; there have been a few.

For one, Cavalier-legend Darius Miles showed up to Quicken Loans Arena as a training camp invite of the Charlotte Bobcats.  Although he was missing the trademark dreadlocks and double-head head bump, it was still a joy to see D-Miles grace us with his presence.

We also managed to take down the Boston Celtics opening night, in a playoff atmosphere that left you feeling good about our chances for this season (note: this was a false alarm). 

We watched one of the most anticipated spectacles in all of sport took place in our arena, as the now-maligned James made his return to the city scorned.  We booed him as loud as we could, chanted obscene and vulgar things directed at him, and watched as he destroyed our team defense en route to a 38 point beatdown that will forever be dubbed, "The Return".

More recently, we watched Mo Williams hit a game-winner over the Bucks' Brandon Jennings, a much needed shot that lifted the spirits of a team in desperate need of anything resembling a win.

Antawn Jamison hit an 80 yard heave, (forget it was after the 1st quarter buzzer had sounded) in front of friends and family and a hostile Charlotte crowd of about 10 thousand.

Later that same game, Ramon Sessions provided us with what might have been the highlight of the season:  A power throwdown over Nazr Mohammed.  Dunks are a rare sight this season, unless you count J.J. Hickson getting dunked on by James Harden in an old-fashioned Oklahoma City beatdown.

We've also "witnessed" the emergence of a future star, Manny Harris.  Manny's defensive intensity combined with offensive prowess will serve as the backbone of a Cavaliers rise to prominence in the years to come.

No one can be sure how the roster will change this season; Jawad Williams has already gotten the axe, and Alonzo Gee has made a favorable first impression.  Byron Scott has made it clear that he prefers a few more post-players.

Many are speculating that the team will attempt to trade away higher-salary contracts (Jamison) and play for next year's draft.  This franchise is already stockpiling draft picks and hope to make a big splash by landing some big-name players. 

If you're still not a fan, then you never really were. The Youth Movement is upon us.  This, is Cavaliers basketball.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Preseason Recap #1: Browns 27, Packers 24

The Browns first game of the 2010 preseason has to be viewed as a success.  This was the start to the season that we needed, and although these wins don't matter.. this one has Browns fans feeling good about this team and this year.

Jake Delhomme looked crisp, and ran an efficient offense down the field for a touchdown against Green Bay's first team defense.  On his only drive, he completed 6 of the 7 passes he attempted, connecting with Massaquoi on a 4th and 1 that eventually led to Jerome Harrison's 4 yard rush into the endzone. 

I don't think anyone could have predicted such a smooth go-round for Delhomme, who quieted the doubters and looked downright fluent with the new offense.  Although he had a rough year last season in Carolina, this is a new year and a fresh start for Jake.  He seems to have control of this team and is the veteran leader our locker room needs.  It's a good feeling going into the season actually knowing who the quarterback will be.   

"It's preseason, it doesn't count. But hey, everybody has a smile on their face," Delhomme said.

Seneca Wallace came in and picked up right where Delhomme had left off, throwing two touchdown passes including a nice throw on the run that landed in the hands of Robiskie in the back of the end zone.  Wallace is sure to be used in some wild-cat packages, as he deserves the opportunity.  He came in and showed that he has a lot of potential, and if Delhomme goes down this year Seneca will prove to be a valuable back-up.

The defense definitely showed up last night, and Green Bay running back Ryan Grant felt the force as he was hit in the head and had to leave the game.  On his first touch, he fumbled the ball leading to one of our touchdowns. 

Our secondary looked solid, and the linebacking core looks primed to keep the big hits coming.  When you can rotate Joe Haden in with Sheldon Brown and Eric Wright, you definitely have a chance to stop the passing threat other teams will pose.  T.J. Ward also showed his potential;  The free-safety out of Oregon is  an instinctive, hard-hitting defensive back who definitely can drop the hammer.   

Colt McCoy made his debut in a Browns uniform, and showed why he shouldn't be the starter.  He threw two costly interceptions, and looked like he was not ready for the speed of the NFL game.  Colt had to leave the game when he banged his throwing hand off the back of an offensive lineman's helmet.  The injury was reported to not be serious. 

After McCoy left, it was the Brett Ratliff show and he did exactly what we needed him to.  In a tie game, with the clock winding down, he led us into field goal position and set up Phil Dawson with a game winning attempt.  Of course Phil didn't miss, and the Browns are officially 1-0 on the year.

Everyone leaves with a smile on their face, and fans look forward to seeing what Delhomme can do with a full game.  Josh Cribbs didn't even touch the ball and we still beat Green Bay.  I know it's just the preseason, but this game definitely has me excited for the rest of the year.  Do the Browns have enough pieces to make a run at the division?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This Just In.. Christian Eyenga is a URD (Unreal Dunking Machine)

In case you aren't up on Cavalier news, we signed our draft pick Christian Eyenga this summer after he put together an impressive Summer League and showed exactly what impact he could have on the team this year.  That impact is one of the most crucial aspects any player can have:  The ability to throwdown an unbelievable dunk whenever he gets a wide open lane.  He literally has some of the most ridiculous ups you will see in the NBA this year.  At only 6 foot 6", the awe-factor he has when you watch him dunk is priceless. 
Exhibit A:  Summer League Throwdown

Okay, that was just nasty.  What makes it even more legit is that he did it in the middle of a game.  As any real fan of dunking swagger should know, the Windmill is one of the most aesthetically pleasing dunks to watch.  Eyenga's windmill might be his signature, and hopefully we should get to see it on countless fast breaks this year.  Exhibits B and C:  the "Warmup Windmill" followed by the "Insane Pump"

I know right?  This guy is playing for the Cavaliers this year.. I'm down.  Eyenga is going to be a human highlight reel, and maybe just maybe he'll help us get over the loss of one, "Akron Traitor".  This is probably the best video of him dunking you will find.  I present you Exhibit D: "Slow-motion through the Legs."  Can't wait to see this guy play in the preseason.  LeBron who?